SDIT Al Madinah

Elvina Rahimah

SDIT Al Madinah is an Islamic school located in the city of Madinah. It stands for "Sekolah Dasar Islam Terpadu Al Madinah" which translates to "Integrated Islamic Elementary School Al Madinah" in English. This school focuses on providing education that combines Islamic values and teachings with a comprehensive academic curriculum.

Vision and Mission

SDIT Al Madinah is guided by a strong vision and mission. The vision is to nurture individuals who are knowledgeable, pious, and have a holistic development in accordance with Islamic values. The mission is to provide excellent education that fosters intellectual growth, character building, and the development of skills needed in the modern world, all while remaining grounded in Islamic teachings.

Curriculum and Teaching Methods

SDIT Al Madinah offers a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses both academic subjects and Islamic studies. The academic curriculum includes subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Physical Education. Islamic studies cover topics such as Quran recitation, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic History, and Arabic language.

The teaching methods employed at SDIT Al Madinah are student-centered, aiming to develop critical thinking skills and a love for learning. Teachers create a positive learning environment and utilize various strategies such as group work, hands-on activities, and interactive discussions. The integration of technology in the classroom is also emphasized to enhance the learning experience.

Islamic Environment and Values

SDIT Al Madinah strives to create an Islamic environment that fosters spiritual growth and adherence to Islamic values. Students are encouraged to observe daily prayers, recite Quranic verses, and engage in acts of worship. Islamic manners and etiquette are taught and practiced throughout the school day.

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Respect, kindness, honesty, and responsibility are among the core values instilled in the students. The aim is to develop individuals who have strong moral character and can contribute positively to society.

Extracurricular Activities

Apart from academics, SDIT Al Madinah offers a range of extracurricular activities to promote students’ overall development. These activities include sports, arts, debates, Quran memorization competitions, and community service initiatives. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities to develop their talents, leadership skills, and to strengthen their connection with the community.

Facilities and Support Services

SDIT Al Madinah provides modern facilities to support students’ learning and growth. This includes well-equipped classrooms, libraries, laboratories, computer rooms, and a prayer area. The school also has a team of dedicated administrators, teachers, and support staff who work together to create a nurturing and conducive learning environment for the students.

Alumni and Achievements

Over the years, SDIT Al Madinah has produced graduates who have excelled in various fields. Alumni have gone on to pursue further education at reputable institutions and have achieved success in their chosen careers. The school takes great pride in the accomplishments of its students and continues to support them even after they graduate.


SDIT Al Madinah is a renowned Islamic school that prioritizes the integration of Islamic values with a strong academic curriculum. Through its vision and mission, the school aims to develop individuals who are well-rounded and grounded in both Islamic teachings and modern education. With its commitment to excellence and nurturing environment, SDIT Al Madinah continues to shape the future of its students and contribute positively to society.

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